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Using spare parts to give extra oomph to your strike pro

We live in a world where useful items are sometimes just thrown away! Well, if you have bought a strike pro or strike plus extension pack you will find that at the end of the build you have some spare parts. Mainly 2 short curved bars and 2 straight bars with tube connections and rubber feet.
1 remove the rubber feet.
2 place one rubber foot on one end of each of the short curved bars.
3 remove the connections from the straight bars.
4 place the connections on the opposite end of the curved bars making sure they lock into position and tighten threm.
5 remove the rubber feet on the front right and left bars ( under toms 1 and 2)
6 slide the connections up the legs to the desired height and tighten up.
7 replace the rubber feet.

I have fitted my amplifiers Sattelite speakers to these bars. Because everything is Alesis original parts it looks great. It fills an empty space under tom 3 and adds a bit of extra visual strength as well as chrome to the overall look.

Let me know what you think........ Shuxpower

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