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V series Controller Editor Software not working? Here's the fix and solution.

I've been going crazy, ranting and raving and abusing everyone about the Editor Software that comes with the V25 (and every other V Series controller) and I'm not going to apologise, because the software design and documentation is really poor. But here's what you need to know. (Well... it worked for me)

In Win 10 I fixed the crashing problem by changing the Program Compatibility under the Right Click/Properties/Windows Compatibility to Windows 7. That's kind of simple and tricky at the same time and you may need to Google it, but basically Win 10 has the facility to let you make any program think it's running under Win 7 - that's what you need.

Next, the critical thing to understand, which I'm sure many new users don't "get", is that the Editor Software uses an old-fashioned data-dump process. The Editor and V25 aren't connected in real-time. None of the changes you make in the Editor take effect until you use the Send Preset command which then reconfigures the V25. Forget any comparisons to tweaking presets in your DAW, absolutely NOTHING you do in the Editor Software will make a scrap of difference to the V25 (and others) until you bulk-dump the changes across to the controller using the Send Preset command. And the Editor "remembers" nothing. You have to save your presets on your PC hard drive. Essentially, the Editor boots up with a blank page every time... except instead it has default values. Every single tweak you make to the V25 configuration, you must again put in place by sending the value across with the Send Preset command. You're never adjusting the V25 parameters, you're adjusting the preset, which must ultimately be loaded into the controller.

And, by the way, if you change any value in the Editor and leave the cursor inside that box, that value isn't transferred across with the Send Preset. You have to get out of the parameter box.

So I'm good now, but seriously the Help and Support files need to address this lack of info. It's a simple difference in thinking, but can drive you in maddening circles.
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