I’m frustrated

V49 toggle switches are changing my midi channel.

I've been setting up my new V49 for a live show, and I've got everything but the drum pads running through midi channel 1 on Ableton. I've mapped the switches as momentary switches to arm each of 4 tracks containing the 4 synths I want to use, and it's been working great until I hit switch 4, which changes the midi channel on the keyboard preset to channel 2... then 3, then 4, then 5.

I've checked with the editor, and there's nothing weird about switch 4, but when I "get layout" from the keyboard, sure enough, the keybed's midi channel has been changed. It's super annoying because I have to restart ableton for it to take effect, which would not fly if it happened in a show.

What's happening here? What am I missing?
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