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Very low microphone level in channel 1

Hi there. I own a Multimix 8 usb fx unit. Pretty nice device. I used it to mix voices of my band, and ocasionally I put the keyboard through it. It was given to me as part of a payment.

The problem is channel 1 has no the same output level as the others. By example, I put a pg58 micro and need to set gain to 10 and channel volume to 10, And if I put it in channel 2, I need gain at 50% and channel volume to 3 to have the same output level. It ́s the same situation using xlr or plug, I've tried other micros or cables so I have discarded is a problem with them.

What should I check in orden to fix it?
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  • Hi Roberto,

    Sorry you're having issues with your mixer.

    Is the microphone you're using a condenser or dynamic mic? If it's a condenser mic, please make sure that you've enabled the 48V phantom power switch to adequately power the microphone, or make sure that it is connected to an external phantom power supply.

    Have you tried using a different mic with the mixer and if so, do you experience the same problem?
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