very poor rim triggering on roland/ drum-tec pads

First of all I would like to say, that sounds from 1.4 update are amazing, and helped me make decision to go with strike. That's only good news so far...

After reading tons of posts pointing poor pads quality, I decided to stay with my roland/drum-tec bullet-proof snare/tom pads and to buy strike module separately.

Unfortunately I've noticed extremely poor trigger response from snare rim, which makes strike pro useless for me, as it's not possible to play proper rimshots.

To be honest I don't understand why it's impossible to resolve this problem, as Roland pads are piezo/piezo too. I dialed rim sensitivity to 99, lowered crosstalks to 5 but stil it's works inconsistent and unpredictable.

Moreover, It's seems, that, sensitivity is different for different inputs - there is much less problem with rim triggering on toms, but when I copied all trigger settings from tom input to snare input snare still performs worse.

In my opinion it's possible to resolve this problem with tiny software update, but still there is no patch. Even much smaller companies can deal with pads from different manufacturers, so why alesis can't?

At this stage I started thinking for who strike pro is? Is it for people who want to have their drums from one manufacturer (then, will faced problems with broken pads and cymbals) or for people, who want's to switch from alesis competitors as roland, yamaha, (then it's impossible because of trigger issuses)

I still have faith in strike module and I hope that You will help to stop me from selling it....

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