VI vs Vx vs V

Hi there.
I’m wanting to buy a midi controller for live performance. I saw a VI25 in the shop and am considering the VI49. I’m just not sure if it’s the right controller for my application.
As I said,I’d like to perform. Mostly a bass player, but for some of the modern pop songs, I’d like to play key bass and some synth sounds. Obviously would need to split the keyboard. Can the VI49 be set up that way?
Next question, I believe I have to use a computer to set up. Can I then use it with my iPad during my live performances? Or will I completely loose the functions of the buttons and knobs?
I’ve tried an Akai MPK25 Bluetooth with my iPad and GarageBand in a live situation, but I don’t like fiddling on the screen in a gig to change sounds. I’d like to set it up before the gig and change sounds during the gig only by using the assignable buttons and use some sound module on my iPad.
IRig has something similar to what I’m after, but it’s only 3 octaves, no buttons or pads, but has Sampletank with a whole lot of samples to use.
I also like the idea of activing sounds like rain and thunder using the pads. Which is why I’m looking for something with pads.
Am I just on the right track with the VI49? I’m obviously very new to the world of controllers. Any help appreciated.
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