I’m frustrated

VI49 Firmware update doesn't work

Hi, I've downloaded the firmware update to my MAC (Yosemite i7 2,5 16GbRAM, Macbook Pro Mid2014) .

When attempting to upgrade the firmware of my keyboard it says that: "The device can not be updated because of an unknown error. Press the RESTART button to attempt restart the update process" and when click the RESTART button same issue.

I've followed the "Press Off button, wait 5 seconds and Press On button again" to proceed and I always have the same error.

On keyboard's display, I can see something -1 or 1 or even the - and half the 1 number and all transport control illuminated.

According to the firmware update, my keyboard has version and it should be updated to

I just bought this keyboard and start feeling that this was not a right decision... I've never have this kind of weird issues when updating other controllers...

Very disappointing as first attempt.
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