VI49 one key not working

Greetings everyone, I have a VI49 and one of the keys when pressed doesn't make a connection and as such doesn't make any sound, or show as being pressed when in FL studio. All other keys work no problem. The warrentty from the store i bought it ends in two days, is there anything i can do, or should i bring it in.
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  • Hi James,

    Sorry to hear about your issues. Let's run a test to see what kind of MIDI data your VI49 is sending. 

    MIDI Troubleshooting 


    1. Download the free MIDI OX software here:  
    2. Click Options from the top menu, and select MIDI Devices
    3. Click on your device under MIDI Inputs, and then click OK
    4. Now press a key, knob, slider in question. You should now see incoming data.


    1. Download, and Install MIDI Monitor
    2. Open MIDI Monitor. 
    3. Click on the Sources tab to view MIDI devices. Confirm that your USB/MIDI device is listed. 
    4. Once you confirm your MIDI device is connected and listed. Play any key(s) on your keyboard/controller to confirm each button or key is sending data to your computer. 

    If you find your controller is not sending data properly, please log on to to get in touch with your nearest Support Office. You can find their contact info on that page.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.
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