VI61 Bug?

1) In slot 1 set cc value to toggle on off of button 1 say 0 and 127
2) In slot 2 set program change value of button 1 say lsb 0 msb 0 and pc 1

Now when performing
If you use slot1 and toggle cc value to on
then switch to slot 2 (up) and push button 1
cc value toggle again (should not happen but it toggle back to 0)
After that everything on slot 2 is OK. It only seems to fail with button on

So something in the code is not setting to slot 2 until you toggle the button off.

Also if buttons are CC toggle in slot one and PC in slot 2 should not the lights go out when moving from slot 1 to 2 and then come back on when moving back from slot 2 to 1. It seems the button states do not reflect any slot changes.

I used a midi monitor to validate the issue above.

I just installed latest firmware yesterday.

What I'm trying to do is get more buttons out of the device by using P1 for control changes on the buttons and P2 to to program changes.
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