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Vmini preset-error on sending

Hi, a few days ago I bought a Vmini and I'm playing for some hours in Ableton live lite v9.7.7 x64 to test hard- and software. I never had a Midi-instrument like this before. Currently I'm trying to change some notes or other settings in the editor-software. If I want to send the presets to the Vmini I'll get an error: "Error connecting to device. Verify your V Mini is plugged into the USB port and try again" - mysterious... It's still connected, I can use it in various programs but I can't change anything of the presets? I also tried different USBports - no changes... My specs: OS:win8.1pro, CPU:i7-4770k, RAM:24GB, MB:ga-z97x-ud5h-bk , some SSD's&HDD's.

I'm done... idk what the problem could be...
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