Vortex 2 MIDI notes hang

I have been playing my new Vortex W2 for the last couple of weeks and I experience note hangs mostly after kbd slaps or scrapes, or fast legato parts. Shutdown does not send panic message, (a good idea for a firmware update) and the only way I've found to silence the hanging notes are to find the specific note(s) and push or play them again to send midi note off message. Sometimes it's a note I hadn't touched. I have been troubleshooting all I can, (and I'm pretty good at it) and all my gear is up to date and pro. The clincher is that last night I met another pro who just got the V2, and we are having the exact same issues. I mean EXACTLY the same, we discussed it thoroughly. I am a longtime Vortex user, I own 2 V1's and it does not happen with them. I am putting hours and hours into setting up the V2 with my samples, and I love the new layout... but. I have tried using it onstage and I always have to put it away and pick up the V1. We need a fix, and fast!!!
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