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Vortex - Aftertouch conflicts with ribbon pitch bend in return mode

Hi guys,
I've been trying to solve an annoying problem. It happens using Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

If I set the ribbon to be pitch bend in LATCH mode, aftertouch will work flawless. But if it's in RETURN mode, the aftertouch will produce an annoying sound.

It seems to me that the algorythm behind it generates a conflict between the aftertouch effect and the way it tries to "return" the note to the correct pitch. I mean the ribbon's 'return' process is being activated when the aftertouch gets active with a hard press.

Courious thing: If i play a note hard enough to activate the aftertouch AND I have a finger pressing the ribbon too, the aftertouch will work just fine. The problem happens only when the ribbon is free.

Does anyone notice the same problem, and managed to fix it?

My Vertex is a wired usb vortex, not wireless.
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