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How do you use the Waltz Beat on the SR16?

Teach me the idiot proof way to produce a waltz beat on sr16 I have just purchased
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  • Hello Robin,

    Sounds like you need a SR16 education course. The following article here is a two-part SR-16 Video Manual is a detailed 109 minute seminar covering all functions and features of this classic drum machine. It also provides a walkthrough of pattern recording and song construction. Hosted by by Craig Anderton, featuring Steve Smythe. Go through it to help you out and learn this product.

    Also, this guide here walks through loading MIDI SysEx data to or from your Alesis SR-16 using your computer. This can be useful if you need to save your kits, patterns, or songs; or if you want to load patterns you have downloaded on the internet.
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