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What kind of Kick Drum Beater and Sticks for a Surge Mesh Kit

What kind of beaters should I use with a Surge Mesh Kit and type of sticks?

I have a DDRUM double bass pedal with the felt end. I have used those but have noticed that they begin to yaw to one side no matter how tight I make them. I know this is a sign of how I am playing.

(Edit: I have included pictures of my bass drum. You will notice the beater on the left. That one used to be on the right and was yawing to the right. I switch them because I figured I would "rotate" them if this behavior was normal. The beater on the right was on the left. It had less wear on the side since the left foot does not do much when playing double bass (mostly flams type of thing). But if you look carefully you will see dust that I guess is coming from the beater.

But no matter which side I put them on there is a "yaw" to the left on the one placed to the left and a "yaw" to the right on the one on the right (which I guess is what wore the head of my drum that is only about a month old))

Well, today I beat through part of the mesh head on the bass drum. So I ordered new heads and even a head patch to place over it to make it more sturdy. Now because of this I am trying to figure out what type of sticks I should be using. I used to play with 5Bs all the time (back in the day, Zildjen Dips). But I have been trying new types of sticks and I am wondering if I should be using a lighter stick and if so, what type/brand/size...

Should I be using the felt end on the kick drum?

Thanks for your assistance


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