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What to do if you have no sound from Nitro module...

I ran into an issue I thought others may want to know about. If you have no sound, or sound cuts off after about 10 seconds, you may have a ground loop problem on your audio ground.
Ground loops cause hum in the audio of amps, mixers, speakers. Evidently if you have a ground loop, your module may not put out sound at all. That is what mine did.
I hooked the outputs straight to the mixer, and sometimes sound was low, not at all, or it would stay on for only around 10 seconds, then go silent. After I ran the L and R cables thru a Behringer Hum Destroyer, I had no more problems. The Hum Destroyer has isolation transformers to break ground loops. It worked like a charm, and sounds great now thru my FOH speakers.
I guess was so much ground loop current, it was crashing the audio outputs.
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