Where can I find the activation codes for my included software downloads?

Whats going on everybody! Just got the Alesis VX-49 midi controller which comes with a sweet software package called V.I.P. This comes with a few different sound design plugins such as Hybrid, VacuumPro, EightyEightEnsemble, etc. I successfully was able to download the software into logic and onto my midi but I cannot play any of the sounds from any of the plugins. This is because all of these plugins are a product of Air Music, and an activation code is required for all of them. The problem is I don't have that code because I didn't buy any of the plugins from Air, it was just part of a package from Alesis. I have no idea how to get that code, and am wondering if anyone else experienced this annoying, annoying issue. Thanks so much, Happy New Year!
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