I’m Unsure

Which DM10 Kit do I have? & Do I BOOT and APP upgrade Firmware

Which DM10 Kit do I have?

DM 10X?
DM10 Studio?
DM 10 Pro?
DM10 Pro X?
DM 10 Other?

I really need to know as to re initializing and upgrading firmware.

My current Firmware is:
Triggers OS:1.00a
Sound Rom: 1.03
Sound OS: 1.00q (?) looks like a "q'

No Boot or App displayed! How do I find?

Do I perform the following Firmware Upgrades?

Boot 1.00h ???
App 1.00r ???

Triggers OS 1.00a already current.
Sound Rom 1.03 already current
Sound OS 1.00q already current

I have a DM10 Module with: 6 Drums & 5 Cymbals

(1) 8" Kick Base (Alesis) w/ TAMA Pedal.
(1) 12" Dual Zone Snare (Alesis)
(2) 8" Dual Zone Toms (Alesis)
(1) 10" Dual Zone Tom (Alesis)
(1) 12" Dual Zone Tom (Alesis)
(1) 1 Pro-X Hi-Hat (Alesis)
(1) 16" Triple Zone Ride (Alesis)
(1) 10" Single Zone Splash (Alesis)
(1) 14" Dual Zone Crash (Alesis)
(1) 16" Dual Zone Crash (Alesis)
(1) Original Transactive 400 AMP (Alesis)

My DM 10 Module S/N (registered) is:
(21) A11409110703608

All Drums have "Real Heads"

I may in future make them mesh!
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