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Why am I experiencing clicks and pops while recording and mixing?

I have some problems with my mixer when I am recording and mixing in Garage Band some little pops and clicks appear and when I use a lot of plugins it get worst sometimes it cant reproduce the proyect. I use monitors M1 Active 520 and they can do very well the work with a lot of plugins with very heavy tracks.
My problems is my Multimix when I am recording just a simple voice track the clicks an pops appear, first I think bad singer and when I hear in the M1 active no clicks no pops, clear track . What can I do? does it need service? maybe its too old ? please give me an advice
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  • Hi Juan,

    Sorry to hear about your issues. I'll be happy to help!

    Every recording program has an options, settings or preferences page where the user can adjust the buffer size. Buffer size governs the amount of time the computer is given to respond to requests (for audio processing, in this case).  The larger the buffer size, the more time the computer has to respond.  Large buffer sizes allow the computer to handle more work without choking.  This prevents pops, clicks, chattering and skipping caused by an overloaded processor, but at the cost of higher latency.  Smaller buffer sizes reduce the overall amount of work the computer can handle, but it can do so with lower latency. Latency refers to the time it takes the computer to respond to input.  If latency is high, signals routed into the computer and back out to speakers or headphones may be audibly delayed.

    Refer to this helpful article regarding how to optimizing your system, improve performance, and manage latency: Optimizing Your System, Improving Performance, and Managing Latency

    I hope this helps!
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