Why does no one answer? How can import a .mid file to SR18?

Tapping in the notes for a bassline is hugely inconvenient, with such small range and the need to step edit everything. Can't i import a bassline that I've created in Finale or Real Band?

The most productive thing I find would be if I could create a drum and bass midi track to import into SR18 and save it as a song.

Is any of this possible?
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  • I didn' see any information about importing midi files,years ago there was rMIDI software.
    I did find where you could play midi files and record directly from a DAW to the SR18 into User Patterns with minmal setup clock/quantanize settings and be aware
    of beat count.
    If the software you're using can send midi you should be able to get the same result.

    Check the post towards the bottom ...used MOTU DP8 (DIgital Performer) even posted settings used in the SR18.
    See if it's of help.
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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting.

    If you wish to load pattern and song data back into the SR18, please follow the instructions below. Note, this operation will erase any song and pattern data which currently exists on the SR18.

    1. Connect a 5-pin MIDI cable from your MIDI SysEx device to the SR18’s MIDI IN.
    2. Turn off the SR18.
    3. Hold down the SAVE / COPY button.
    4. Turn on the SR18 while holding down the SAVE / COPY button.
    5. After a few seconds, you should see the screen displayed on the right. The SR18 is ready to receive data.
    6. Now transfer the MIDI system exclusive data into the SR18. Refer to your MIDI SysEx device’s documentation for information on transferring MIDI SysEx.
    7. Once the transfer is complete, turn off the SR18 and then turn it back on.

    I hope this helps!
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