How to configure microphones with iO Dock II

As a new owner of the Alesis iO Dock II, I have come across some individuals who appear to have had problems using microphones with the Alesis Dock II. Problems seem to be not enough volume, or they can't get the mics to work at all. Hopefully, some members of this forum may be able to give me a little guidance.

Setup would be Dock II / iPad Air 2 / and Auria.

With this setup, I would like to run two microphones (an XLR Cable and a Wireless mic). Can anyone give me any advice, particularly regarding the choice for a wireless mic that might be more suited for this setup?

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  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for posting! I'll be happy to help!

    I would recommend running your wired mic to Input 1. Make sure the instrument switch is set to Mic/Line, and that Phantom Power is turned On if using a condenser mic.

    For your wireless mic, your receiver will need to be connected to your other input  (Input 2, in this case) via XLR or 1/4". After making this connections, simply follow the instructions for pairing your wireless mic to the receiver.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!
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