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Would like to launch Ableton Live clips with Alesis Vortex.

Hi there,

I've got a Launch Control to launch separate clips (this one is instantly mapped to Ableton already) now I would like to launch some things with the Alesis Vortex. I am familiar with the midi mapping, but don't seem to be able to find how to set up that THE WHOLE LINE OF CLIPS in a Session View Launches with one button. It does in Ableton by simply pressing ENTER key. As I press ENTER then it launches the whole line and moves on to the next one, that is perfect for my live performance. But I would like to set this ENTER key for one Alesis Vortex drum pad. I have set up the launch button to launch each LINE OF CLIPS, but that then needs a drum pad for each LINE OF CHIPS (I guess it's called session lol). That is not what I want. I would like an equivalent of ENTER key - a more universal approach!

Looking forward to your genius response!
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