Wrong MIDI note when I hit the hit hat pad with more punch.

Hi, I got the Alesis Forge Kit just few weeks ago and it's a great Kit, I'm very happy with it. The problem I have is that when I hit with more punch the hi-hat pad, it sends another midi note and it sounds like a rimshot from the snare in the drum's software in my computer.

I checked out the midi note in the Alesis Module, and yes, it's different the midi note with the normal punch and the midi note with an stronger hit.

¿how can I solve this?

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  • Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for posting. 

    It sounds like you're experiencing crosstalk. Every time you strike a pad, the entire kit vibrates.  Vibrations travel through the rack and can sometimes trigger other pads.  This tendency is called 'cross-talk', and due to the physical nature of drums, it is unavoidable (even on an acoustic kit). The Forge module comes prepared with a Crosstalk (or Xtalk) setting.  A more accurate description of this setting would be "crosstalk compensation", as there really isn't a way to prevent the physical tendency for vibrations to travel.  This setting, however, uses an algorithm to separate intentional hits from unintentional crosstalk triggers; the result, when tweaked correctly, is that you only hear the sounds you want to hear.

    Most often these settings do not need to be adjusted.  In most cases when these settings need to be adjusted, you may be experiencing pads that are canceling each other out and missing hits.  This is where the Cross-talk settings become important.  Simply adjusting the Xtalk settings from 7 to somewhere in the middle will resolve the symptom.

    To learn more about the Forge Module Crosstalk settings and how to adjust them, follow the steps suggested below.

    1. Press Kit to enter the Kit Selection page (if you are not already viewing it).
    2. Press Menu to enter the Kit Menu.
    3. Use the Down and Up buttons to select Trigger, and then press Enter.
    4. Hit the pad whose settings you want to edit. The pad’s name will appear at the top of the display. Alternatively, use the Down and Up buttons to select the pad’s name at the top of the display, and then use the Jog Wheel or Left (<) and Right (>) buttons to change it.
    5. Use the Down and Up buttons to select XTALK.
    6. Since the setting is really 'Crosstalk Compensation', the higher the value, the less likely the pad is to send or receive any crosstalk.
      Try to find the right balance (usually somewhere in the middle) with any problem pads, as well as their surrounding pads that are sending crosstalk.  It may be tempting to simply turn this setting all the way up; however, remember that the module is already using a smart algorithm to try to compensate for normal crosstalk.  If you turn it all the way up, you may find that it mistakenly mutes some of your strikes, writing them off as cross-talk.
    7. Once you have adjusted the Crosstalk (XTALK) settings, don't forget to save your settings by pressing the SAVE button.

    I hope this helps!
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