Whistling P1 Marine PC

The P1 Marine PC I purchased a few months ago has started to whistle quite loudly when powered on, what can I do to stop this? To date it has only been powered using the mains transformer plug as I haven't got round to wiring it in to the boat batteries.
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  • Hi Charles,

    It sounds like there could be a problem with your Pico PSU, which is the fanless power supply we use. Every now and then (about 1-2%) there is a failure in one of the components on the Pico PSU that results in a whistling sound.

    Please send an email to support@aleutia.zendesk.com

    and request an RMA, we will arrange a UPS collection. We will change the faulty component, run a test and send back within 48 hours.

    Thanks for getting in touch. We'll make sure to get your PC back to you without the whistle.
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