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Sort/Streamline My Tracker
Is there a way to sort 'My TV Schedule'? I'd like to see my list display by the time the show is aired, (ex: earliest at the top, latest ...
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Link Rating System
add option to rate links as "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." number of respective "ups"/"downs" displayed beside link; can sort links by th...
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Tracker New Features
I love that the tracker now has the ability to hide shows I'm up to date on but is it possible to remember the last settings? For exampl...
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New Site Feedback
What gives with this site. Whatever yo have done is terrible! This is the worst redesign that i have ever experienced! Your web page c...
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Public Profile Feedback
Hello, I do not like the new format of the tracker, it makes it harder to read, is there a way to retrieve the old format in preferences....
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