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Spoiler images!
Dear Sidereel, We come here to watch TV on the internet. It should then be assumed that we haven't actually seen what we are about to wa...
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Link Rating System
add option to rate links as "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." number of respective "ups"/"downs" displayed beside link; can sort links by th...
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No auto-playing videos please
Auto-playing sidereel videos on tv show pages are lame. Everyone knows that auto-playing any type of media (video or music) after a web p...
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survey issue
I can't take the feedback survery. har dee har har. It just times out.
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Link deletion condition
I think you should make a condition that user must be at least 30 days old or something like that to be able to delete links. It could pr...
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let us rate links
let users rate links... that way we can easily weed out spam links with legit videos by quickly seeing what gets rated high vs. low. cli...
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