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some shows are not tracking
some shows are not tracking... recently i have noticed that some shows do not appear in my tracker (even though they are new episodes). (...
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Top Gear UK couple of problems
Top Gear UK showed the episode Africa Part 2 last Sunday so the show guide is one week behind (also, it's showing up on Mondays now in th...
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Leverage Premiere Time Wrong
The Leverage season 5 premiere time is wrong, it is (8E, 7C) you currently have it on at the same time as Falling Skies.
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Where's my quick tracking list?
My list that added all the shows I need to catch up on is gone! Where is it? Why does the watched buttons not work? This went from being ...
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Update Pawn Stars Please
Could you please update Pawn Stars. Here's a link to History channel's episode guide. http://www.h...
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Login Problems Since Last Update 5/5
not long ago today, sidereel updated, when i refreshed the page it told me to log in again; so i did and it just stays on the same log in...
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