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How do I watch a show?
I'm trying to watch a show on SideReel, but I can't figure out how to get the episodes to play. How do I get to a video to watch?
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forgot which email i used!
i can't log in anymore on sidereel. when i try to login it says: Oops! We are currently unable to log you in because your account has n...
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Daily Emails no more
Emails have stopped again since you guys did your big upgrade. Two days now. Just wanted to alert someone. Thanks! If I need to use a...
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Mark How Shows are Watched
I think a great idea would be to add a column where we can mark our preferred avenue for watching a show. For example, I have several sho...
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Windows 8 App
I Love Love Love sidereel and would like a windows app for it. Is this going to be available anytime soon??? The buzz on the web is that...
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