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Kim's Convenience
I did a search for a new CBC (Canada) show called Kim's Convenience and there were no results. Here's the info for it if you want to add ...
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Add Show
Can you please add "Looking" HBO series starts 1/19/14? Thanks
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Duplicate Accounts?
How can I delete a SideReel account? The reason I want to delete an account is because I accidentally linked my Facebook account think...
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Red vs Blue season 9 missing
Season 9 of Red vs. Blue is not listed under the main show page. (All the previous seasons appear to be on there, though.) I'd appreciate...
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Episode summaries are for wrong episodes
The One Piece episode descriptions are all off by an episode: specifically, starting at some point, they describe the episode after the c...
  • V2Blast, 8 years ago

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