Discography -- please move the record label back to its own column on the far right!

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I've spent some time with the AMG Beta, and with the newly-launched version -- major pros to me include album art for every album, and a significant reduction in the number of page refreshes involved with reading biographies and album reviews.

However... even with a larger font and wider spacing, I found myself having an inexplicably harder time scanning the albums in a discography, and was trying to figure out why. I've figured it out.

The issue lies with the fact that the 3rd column has multiple/disparate kinds of data in it: it contains both album name AND record label. This makes scanning album titles far more difficult because your eyes are coming across record labels interspersed between the albums. It is true that album titles are 1-pt larger and red -- and that does help *somewhat* - but it remains jarring to see record labels in the Album Title column.

Truthfully, I would really like to see the record label moved all the way to the right... and ideally, the stars/rating moved to the left, to the left of the year. Which is actually how the old site was. I thought long and hard about this because I'm absolutely not trying to go down a "return to the old site" route here.... but thinking about it logically......

......Mostly-fixed-width columns do best beside each other, with the longest/most variable column towards the right. This means the AMG Pick, star rating, year, and album art should all be on the left, close together. Then the album name (which is the longest column and has the most variation in length). And lastly, on the far right, the record label. The record label worked on the far right because it's the "least important" and because it's off by itself following (typically) a lot of whitespace after the album title. And most of all, it will once again be much easier to see all the album titles in succession, without having to "visually/mentally extract and toss aside" all of the record labels that appear in that same column.

Lastly -- I thoroughly agreed with the comment that the stars should be a bit smaller and either black or dark blue (and over to the left of the year, as per the old site). I honestly like a lot of what AMG has done with the new site --- but the biggest thing AMG already had nailed down perfectly was the Discography columns layout of the previous site. I hope the stars come back to the left again.... but moving the recordlabels out of Column 3 (underneath albumtitle) and out into its own column on the far right is the biggest remaining Ask that I have.


BTW -- thank you Zac for all your time responding to all of this feedback. It's both appreciated and impressive, as you clearly take time to answer them personally and at length.
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Thanks Brian. This is exactly the kind of well-thought out and constructive feedback that we can take in and potentially act on.

Stay tuned. This is very helpful info.