Include album release date in Discography Broswer previews

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Include the release date in the preview of each album in the Discography Broswer. (By "preview," I mean the window that appears when one scrolls over the thumbnail images in the Discography Browser)
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Matthew Ruegger

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Posted 8 years ago

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+1 to this. It's a no-brainer, and of all the change requests being made by users on this feedback site it seems to be one of the easier ones to do. Plenty of space for the data in the little black box that pops up upon hovering over the Disco Browser's thumbnails.
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This is on the list of items to tackle shortly. Thanks for the idea!
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Plenty of space? The damn box is empty! I hate that box. You never know when it's going to pop up, and when it does, you have to click all over the page ten or fifteen times to get it to go away! It blocks all of the data you're trying to read in the discography, and covers three or four other entries as well.
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Hi Andy,
Sorry the tooltop bugs you so much.
The reason that it may seem empty for some albums is that on the other end of the spectrum we often have to cram a bunch of long data in there, like in the example below:

If you are stating that the tooltip remains in place even after you move your cursor away, then there are other issues that we'll need to look into, since it should disappear as you move off of that album.