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I think you should make a condition that user must be at least 30 days old or something like that to be able to delete links. It could prevent good link deletion
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Posted 9 years ago

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Official Response
That's an interesting idea, thanks for the suggestion! We have considered various possible solutions like user levels of privilege on the site, etc. to help prevent new spammers from adding spam and removing good links, which I'm assuming is the reason you're suggesting this idea.

We are working on a lot of changes to the site coming in the next few months including some adjustments to users, so we'll continue to work on it all with the spam issues very much under consideration.

Thanks again for your suggestion and feel free to share any other thoughts you have on this issue or anything else!
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If you're planning to implement a category like contributing members. How about a group of people who are dedicated to removing spam links too (i.e. QC members)?

QC meaning quality control.
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You could also mix this suggestion in with a vote-based system. Since spammers on your sites are frequent visitors and I am fairly certain noone will check logs to see if s acertain user deletes a lot of links, and if they were good or not. The idea would be for one person who is (like in the above mentioned proposal) a veteran user to mark a certain link for deletion, and then it would require 1 or 2 more "clicks" from other users to finish it up. This way a single person (no matter how priviledged) wouldn't be able to make any damage to the site.
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That isn't a fair system nor does it make any sense..the general public should never have the ability to delete links on this site. It should be limited to admins and mods..if that's the case what's to stop the spammers from creating 50 fake gmail accounts, letting them mature and then go on deleting all their competition. This topic is the beating of a dead bird, as long as the numbers for sidereel keep climbing a true fix for this won't happen. We asked for this well over a year ago and it was the same under consideration they placed on this'll never get fixed...