Permanently remove broken links as you report them

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When you mark a link as broken it should be permanently removed from your list of choices so you don't have to keep scrolling past and remembering which links you've already tried when you know they don't work already.
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Posted 9 years ago

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That's a great idea, Kai! I'm not sure how it would work with the current functionality of marking links as broken or reporting them as spam, but I will certainly pass your idea along to the team so they can look into the possibilities. Thanks again for your feedback!
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So sometimes, I go to a new episode. I have this sinking feeling that it's too recent, and all the episodes present will be spam, but I try anyways (sometimes I do get lucky). I dutifully mark links as broken links (I'm probably supposed to report links but I find that takes way too long, which is a whole different problem), but if you go back thirty minutes later, you can't tell which links you already reported as broken. I understand links can't be removed instantaneously because it has to be verified that they are broken, but you'd think the system could remember links that you personally marked as broken and not show them to you anymore.

Alternatively, shouldn't it be possible to recognize certain individuals that consistently put up those spam links? Like a link to megavideo, only the video is 21 seconds long and says 'go to this site to watch' (after all, if the site they're linking to really has the video, they should just be linking there, right?).

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This is a great idea, having tried over 50 this morning for one link this would have been great to go straight to links I had no tried before!
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just adding my voice to this subject...... i LOVE sidereel but I too mark links as broken and really get frustrated that it doesn't SHOW that I marked them ..... making me curse something like .. "dammit I wish I worked for sidereel ... i'd fix this" (said with tongue firmly in cheek)
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When I report a broken link, I would like it to disappear from my list.
Make them go to the end of the list (before I get the whole list) if it was flagged by someone else would be nice too.

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