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The Zeros The Band that was and still is  the heyday of the Sunset Strip Sammy Serious 
The Wrong bio is listed on our artist page on i tunes and needs to be corrected immediatly.
Our Band for some reason is being confused with anothor band titled with the same name that was disband in the 70s and starting confusion with our name The Zeros this needs to be corrected and all Music is responsible for making this mistake here is the bio that needs to be up on the sites here you go 
Originally hailing from the Garden State New Jersey
Immediately after landing in the sweltering California heat, the boys 
wasted no time playing gigs and making friends with many of the then 
upcoming bands. 
Floating between the hip underground scene and venues on the Sunset 
Strip.The Zeros would share stages with everyone from Guns n Roses to 
Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits), Dee Snider, and Blue Oyster Cult, just to name a 
few. The Zeros were asked to contribute a song to the Michael Nesmith (of
Monkees fame) Film "Tapeheads" starring John Cusack and Tim Robbins. 
Produced by Nigel Harrison (Blondie), the band recorded "Mister MX-7" with 
legendary Stiv Bators and Brian James of Lords of the New Church, (the 
former of punk icons The Dead Boys, and latter of The Damned) for the movie 
TAPEHEADS which is now cult classic.
The line-ups of The Zeros quickly identify each 
member by their characteristics of what The Zeros are about.
The ZEROS cartoon caricatures image was brought to life by artist Butch 
Lukic (and two time Emmy Award winning artist) who drew the Zeros two 
album covers for 4321 THE ZEROS and RULE THE WORLD THE ZEROS have recorded theme songs for movies, television, and radio personalities like Howard Stern where Howard loved the theme song so much he played it for 20 years and 
opened his show with the anthem everyday. 
THE ZEROS placed two songs along with performing in the movie Caged Fury with 
actor Erik Estrada directed by Bill Milling where the Zeros also did a cameo appearance in the movie, and began picking up endorsements from companies like Gibson Guitars, Fender Guitars, Ampeg Amps, Yamaha, Converse Footwear, Shure Microphones, Mesa Engineering amplifiers. and were one of the first unsigned bands to be signed to the Great Southern Merchandising Company on the strength of their live show and marketable image. The wacky names of Sammy Serious, Joe Normal, Danny Dangerous and Mr Insane.Their misfit anthems, humor, harmonies, and fantastic purple-haired comic book caricature personas spoke directly to every member of the lineups that graced the stages over the years, and with Sammy Serious at the helm of The Zeros the band is able to continue with the legacy of this great act. 
The Zeros' catchy choruses rang purple-and-proudly across 
crowded Los Angeles venues such as The Hollywood Palace, The Roxy Theatre, 
The Santa Monica Civic Center, and The Troubadour. Several world famous 
clubs around Hollywood including the Whisky A Go-Go and The Coconut 
Teaszer celebrated the band's signing by having their buildings painted purple and 
branded with the band's logo in honor of The Zeros. The Zeros also brought their purple fun to the rest of America while touring throughout the years that followed up until now.
Sporting custom-made Converse thigh-high sneakers and stepping out of 
their hot-rod classic '68 Chevy Nomad Wagon "Zeromobile," the Zeros were 
visually unmistakable, especially when you add their trademark purple hair
to the equation. And their sound was just as much "in your face", but unlike the 
bands of the day, the Zeros sound was FUN, easily accessible, but rather 
invite listeners to share in the good time, lifestyle and experiences they 
sang about. THE ZEROS are now playing and promoting their new cd ZERO IN 
and are still going strong over the years with Sammy Serious at the forefront, 
fronting the band. The Zeros have just placed a song for a feature film 
Significant Other and have been performing live and touring worldwide today. 


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