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People have been asking for an update as to when logging in and accessing your tracker will be available on SideReel. 

Ideally we'd love to have the user login functionality and a basic tracker page back at some point in the week of May 25th (next week), but it has been outrageously complicated to untangle the old system and replicate it in the new system. The new tracker may not yet have all of the filters and sorting in place but at least you should be able to see where you are in your shows and continue tracking and marking episodes as watched. Ratings, Reviews and Lists are scheduled to follow.

We're working with the data now and there are over *600 MILLION* watch events in the data, and users could log in with an email address, a Facebook account, a Twitter account or all three (and some people did use all three) not to mention reviews, ratings, lists, profiles and everything else associated with the community so we're being extra cautious as we port everything over.

In the meantime, we've kept the back-end site at https://cf.sidereel.com for longer than expected so users can still sign in and see their old tracker info and badges. Please note, any changes made to this version of the old site will not carry over to the new service. We had originally planned to take it down after the first weekend but wanted to leave it in place if people were still getting use out of it.

Thanks for your patience.
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Posted 1 month ago

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Luis Alejandro Casarin Lopez

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AWESOME! Thanks!
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Laurie Chilvers

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Thanks for this, Sidereel is the best. No way I would be able to keep anything straight without it!
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Alex White

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Thanks for keeping the CF site up.  Really been helpful to have.  Can't wait to get our old (new) Sidereel tracker back in full! And keep the updates coming.
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Michael Ron

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I've been using sidereel tracker for about 10 years now - so just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work! I'm sure the new site is gonna be even better than ever (:
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Tina Hadley

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Thanks for all your hard work, I love Sidereel and don't want to loose it.
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Tomesha Hawkins

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i cant search my new shows that im watching now
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Friline Jourdain

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Thank you so much for all of the work you are putting into building the new site. I can't wait to see it!

(And thanks for keeping the old site up until the new one is completed... very thoughtful of you.)
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Briana Chenkin

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Hey! I’ve been using the tracker for 10ish years, and just want to echo what many others have already said. Thank you for all your hard work to keep the site going. We appreciate you!

I do have a possible resource or partnership suggestion for y’all if you’re interested. @Zac, is there other contact info you can share or should I just post in a new thread?
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Pauline Rivoal

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Same, about 10years also ! and i'm eager to see what are the new updates ! but I have to admit that i'm so lost without my tracker :(  i'm checking every week if the new website is done or not.
thanks for the amazing job, this is my top 3 that I used to use daily. <3
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Thank you for your hard work ;)
But I'm afraid I can't log in with my FB account, it's saying "App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions."
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We're seeing this error as well. We'll take a look. Thanks.
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This should be fixed now. Thanks for the alert.

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Is the SideReel team still working to bring back features? Does SideReel have a blog tracking redesign progress?

For example, on the Tracker page, users had the ability to add the equivalent of folders for different tracked shows. I had a "folder" that included shows no longer on the air. I didn't need them actively tracked, but still wanted to keep a record of them.

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Yup.  These are called "lists".  (I have a list just like that.)  There's a list of what's done and what's still to come over on this post.  They said lists are coming soon (but weren't on the list of essentials they needed for the soft open.)
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Fun things that are there!
  • Logging in via Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • Creating an account using Facebook or email.
  • Visiting your Tracker with all your old data.
  • Seeing the calendar of your tracked shows.
  • Viewing the shows in your Tracker.
  • Sorting the shows in your Tracker.
  • Filtering the shows in your Tracker.
  • Hiding your watched shows.
  • Seeing your next unwatched episode.
  • Seeing all of the episodes of your tracked shows.
  • Seeing the unwatched episodes of your tracked shows.
  • Tracking shows.
  • Removing shows from your Tracker.
  • Marking shows as Watched.
  • Marking whole seasons as Watched.

Stuff we're still working on:
  • Time zone settings (everything is in Eastern Time Zone for now).
  • Lists (in general and in the Tracker).
  • Ratings.
  • Reviews of shows and episodes.
  • Your Profile
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Giving thumbs-up to lists and reviews.