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Video and Audio content should not be playing on a page unless the user clicks on it. I don't mean mouseover, I mean click. This is especially important on a site that founds itself on sharing videos with people.

Frequently, though, I see video and audio ads appear on a page. They are very disturbing and frustrating - especially when I'm trying to watch a show. Or when more than one of them is going on at once - not only is there often more than one of these per page, but I also find myself using SideReel in multiple tabs. Mouseover ads take me by surprise just as easily as the automatic ones, especially when near the top of the page.

Often, I can hit an x button to close the ad, or a pause button to stop it, but sometimes, those are nothing but links to the advertised page, and sometimes, the ads don't have anything like that - so I need to exit the page, or at least refresh. When I'm using multiple tabs, the ads are hard to find, and cause even more problems. Furthermore, the ads cause problems when I open my browser and restore a large browsing session.

On top of everything, it is simply a matter of internet etiquette to provide the user with as much control as possible. These ads take control away from the user, and assault the senses. They are unethical, and always a poor design choice. As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that YouTube's automatic playing of the video on a page is a poor design choice, and the user has to actively click on a link to get to that page.

These ads thoroughly disturb my SideReel experience, and I strongly feel that such ads should be eradicated from all respectable websites. SideReel is, otherwise, a rather decent website, and a useful hub around which I can center my viewing experience online. I simply hope that you can show your users the respect they deserve.
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Official Response
Hi Daniel, thanks for expressing your concerns. All ads directly on SideReel do have a close button if they open up when you scroll over, so you should be able to close them just fine.

As for the pages with the actual videos you're watching, SideReel doesn't host any video, so all links you click to watch take you to separate video hosting sites and while we do not have control over the ads they put on their sites, we can and do regulate what kind of ads, the number of ads, and the intrusiveness of the ads that are allowed for them to be allowed to add their links to SideReel.

So if you find ads on the video sites too intrusive or that you can't close them, etc, please report those sites to so we can check them out and warn or ban them as needed.

If you're sure it's ads on SideReel you're finding intrusive, you should always see the close button or the option to turn on or off the sound on most video ads, but let us know if there are particular ads you're finding to be more bothersome or without a close option showing up.

Hope that helps and thanks again for your feedback!