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Glad you're here.

For those of you who know AllMusic well, you probably know that we haven't done much with the site for a very long time. Since our last redesign in 2006 we've amassed a ton of new music information and our older back-end data delivery system couldn't handle it anymore so we've moved over to using the Rovi Cloud Services API to deliver our information. This warranted some changes and (we hope you'll agree) improvements in the site.

Cool New Features

Full Track Streaming
– Anywhere you see Spotify or Rdio logos in a tracklist you should be able to click through to that service and hear the whole song.

Type-Ahead Search – Start typing in the search box and be presented with likely options right there in the search box.

Search All Content Types – You no longer need to select whether you were looking for an album, an artist or a song.

Music Videos – A new presentation including thumbnail images of Vevo music videos.

Persistent Search Box – The search box is always available on the top of the page. Also, our best guesses at search results will be presented as you are typing. Just click on any of those responses to be taken to the album, artist or song that you are interested in.

Social Media Sharing – Post your discoveries to Facebook and Twitter.

Sorting Discographies – You can now sort an artist's discography (and other lists) by year, title and editorial rating.

The AllMusic Minute – Editorial video previews of this week's new releases and discussions of music as presented by our staff of music experts.

Same Old Song and Dance

of upcoming and classic albums.

In-Depth Information about your favorite albums, musicians and songs.

Ratings and Picks of the recommended albums and songs within an artist's discography or tracks on an album.

Editors' Picks of the albums our staff are listening to.

Sound Samples to hear 30-second clips of music.

Help Us Help You

Please let us know your thoughts on how we can improve the site. By providing feedback to us through this site, we can take your feedback and continue to make AllMusic even more useful to you.

Click here to browse any feedback that others have given or create a new topic and add your own.
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Zac Johnson, Official Rep

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Posted 7 years ago

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Overall, the beta site looks great. The front page is clean, easy to navigate visually. I do miss seeing articles from the allmusic blog on the front page, though. It would be nice if there were some evident link from the beta front page. Those blogs are so well done that it would be a shame to hide them entirely.

The fact that the "read more" button now presents the additional text instantly (rather than having to reload the entire page) is a HUGE improvement! This was one of the most annoying aspects of the old site, and I'm happy to see it fixed. In the album listings, there is an icon to the right of the star ratings... it looks like a piece of paper. I don't get what that icon means. But generally, everything looks amazing.
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Zac Johnson, Official Rep

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Hey Joey,
The "Piece of Paper" icon indicates whether or not the album has been reviewed. This is obviously not super-clear so we'll work on a better icon.

The features that we cover in the Blog will still have a home on this version. We're still working on the best way to incorporate that info into the new design.
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Steve Compton

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Where are the blogs? I don't see how to get to them at all.
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Zac Johnson, Official Rep

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Hey Steve,
We're still working on a way to incorporate the Blog content into the new site. Stay tuned.
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Steve - you beat me to my question. I guess for now we just switch over to the original site to get to the blogs.
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For my money, the new site stinks. (There are other words to describe it, but they're less polite.) I don't have to specify song-artist-album? Whoopee! Now, with one search, 30-90% of the information is totally useless. My most recent search - a few minutes ago - was for the Joni Mitchell song "River". I didn't want Springsteen's "The River", or Dylan's "Watchin' the River Flow", or Joe Cocker's (or Julie London's) "Cry Me A River", and certainly not Sinatra's "Swinging On A Star" - WHAT on earth does that have to do with "River"????
When I finally found Mitchell's song, I clicked to see who had recorded it. I know Dave Van Ronk did; my search was to see who else had. Did I get the list of recordings - or performers - that I used to get? NO! All I got was one hit, presumably a Joni version, but no information about album, other releases, etc., and no preview link. I can live without the preview link, but I'd really like to know who's recorded it.
The "new and improved" design has cut my traffic from 10-12 times a week to 2-3 times a month, and that's going to go down based on today's waste of time.
Thanks for...NOTHING!
Sign me Disgusted.