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What is the relationship between Rovi and All Media Network? Is AllMusic a wholly owned subsidiary? I want to make sure that I'm venting my frustrations on the right people.

I like the site fine, but I find 10 to 15 errors every single day. Not hard-to-rectify things like improper credits, but duplicate entries, release dates prior to recording dates and incorrect album covers. Things that take little time to fix and require no strict verification. These things take months to fix if they are done at all.

It was recently said that "Rovi prides itself on accuracy" but in the next paragraph it was explained that the massive volume of corrections prevented a response and timely repairs. A politician couldn't talk out of both sides of their mouth any better. Despite the protests that Rovi is responsible for data and not AllMusic, I know that much of it goes back to the Nineties and Matrix, so AllMusic is not blameless.

I feel that the Rovi data entry staff do not have a strong knowledge of music. I feel that someone is pushing new releases at all costs at the expense of maintenance on existing data. I believe that more people would contribute corrections (for free!) if they received a response occasionally, and something more than an automated response. Perhaps an acknowledgement that the change has been implemented or a request for clarification. I don't expect discography level accuracy here, just covers that match the album, ratings that match the reviews, and to be able to see all of a performer's works under one heading.

Oh, and I will not rest until you kill that goshdarn overview page.
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I've visited that site before but it did not find a page that laid out the structure of the company or listed subsidiaries. I believe that at one time, AllMusic had an office in Ann Arbor but I've not been able to determine if the Rovi office in that absorbed that division of AllMedia independently or if AMG is a subsidiary of the corporation.

The length of time this question has gone unanswered strengthens my belief that no one is willing to take responsibility for the accuracy of their database.
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As detailed in the FAQ, Rovi provides AllMusic with written content like reviews and biographies, tagged metadata like Genres, Styles, Moods, Themes and Similar Artists, as well as information about credits, album covers, sound clips, music videos and a ton of other good stuff. If you have questions or issues related to the data you see on AllMusic, our various support pages will put you in contact with the editors at Rovi.


ETA: For your information, here are Rovi's company locations.
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For several years Rovi owned and ran the AllMusic website (along with several other consumer-facing websites who are listed in our footer). Recently the web properties were spun off and a new company called All Media Network was created. This means that the folks coding the website, designing the images you see, and writing the blog content, and answering/passing along the web-related feedback here. We are now licensing the data and services from Rovi as customers.

Your statement about our data provider focusing on new releases and popular artists over archival data and independent releases is not far off. (This sounds like a broken record, but I'll say it again) they have limited resources and focus their attention on the albums and artists that the majority of their licensees are asking them to cover.

I don't know of a page that lists Rovi's company structure and all of Rovi's subsidiaries either.

Hope this helps to answer your questions.
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This clears up a lot for me, because it seems like the majority of the complaints I have are not with AllMedia but with Rovi. I like the website in general, it just needs adjustment here and there. I'm largely indifferent about the blog, I read it sometimes and it's interesting, but I'm mostly here for the database. Much of my hostility and frustration is being directed toward the wrong people. It may also explain why the website is being updated often after years of sameness.

Rovi seems to be seriously understaffed and appears to view the music database as strictly as money generator. While I and thousands of others can contribute corrections for free, there is little motivation to implement them because it does nothing for the bottom line. It seems pointless to bother, and they offer no encouragement by giving feedback. It's only when the performers themselves complain that they have reason to fix things quickly because a frustrated artist can have their stuff pulled like Bryan Adams (though that's still a foiolish reaction).

Thanks for getting back to me