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Conversations 21 - 40 of 431
Photo of Tommy Nobis
Google TV App Problem
I have Google TV and when I login to the app and see the shows I am tracking it only lets me watch the show at The shows are ...
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  • 9 replies
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Photo of Megan
Issues Using iPhone App
I downloaded the iPhone app and logged in. When I went to the Tracker, it was empty. I manually added a few shows and it looks like it is...
  • 1 me too
  • 8 replies
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Photo of Jack Jez
New Design useless to me
As a music supervisor I've used Allmusic for years and it has proven itself invaluable. Unfortunately the new design has rendered it tota...
  • 15 me toos
  • 7 replies
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Photo of ccfl
Where are my shows?!? I hate the new SideReel.
New shows have added themselves to my list of tracked shows. And the shows I actually was tracking have disappeared. I checked to make ...
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  • 6 replies
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