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Photo of Matski
Some Missing Ratings
Neither Tunde Olaniran's new album 'Stranger' nor 'Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf' by  David Bowie, Eugene Ormandy and The Philadelphia O...
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Photo of Bob Stubbs
Rhythm Dragons
Incorrect info on artists page , Rhythm Dragons started as a band in 1999 - and is still to date (February 22 2020) recording ,releasing ...
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Photo of TV Mate
Dear all, Lately have noticed several shows have outdated status, and are not being added anymore. Given the shows I follow please upda...
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Photo of Jennifer
Superstore update
Hello! Could you please update the following for Superstore? Season 5, episode 15: should be titled "Cereal Bar" Season 5, episode 16: E...
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Photo of rootsmusic
split albums
Track listings for split albums like "The Beatles vs. The Four Seasons" should list each track's performer instead, because they're basic...
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