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Photo of Oli
Two Top Rap Albums
Any chance that your writers could review Grey Area by Little Simz and Psychodrama by Dave? Dave - Psychodrama :
  • Oli, 3 weeks ago

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Photo of hmab
The Murders
Please add The Murders a crime drama series. The first episode aired 3/25/2019.
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Photo of jw55bosco
The Voice
Season 16 episode 7 was The Best of the Blinds on 3/20/19 and episode 8 was The Battles, Part 1 on 3/25/19. I would have caught this soon...
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Photo of Sylar Dean Paginton
Your Knightfall page has NOT been updated in a long time, no information, no pictures etc.. This show starts next wednesday on History ch...
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Photo of Zafar Rafiq
The End of ARROW
Hi I was wondering if TV Queen knew that next season of Arrow will only have 10 Episodes as it will be the conclusion of Arrow due to the...
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Photo of Krista
Most Haunted Missing Episodes
I have hunted and searched through all 15 listed seasons of the show MOST HAUNTED for the following 2 episodes that I've just watched on ...
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Photo of Cary Webb
Star Trek Discovery?
Star Trek Discovery is no longer showing up in the Sidereel tracker, nor am I receiving notifications of its broadcast via email. It is ...
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Photo of Matski
Some Missing Ratings
Neither Tunde Olaniran's new album 'Stranger' nor 'Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf' by  David Bowie, Eugene Ormandy and The Philadelphia O...
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