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Add frequency scanning to Stealth Wireless

I'm trying to use my Stealth Wireless system along with three pair of wireless microphones in a building with WiFi. I had a terrible experience when trying to change channels. I switched channels on my transmitter and one of the receivers picked-up and started playing noise so loud that everyone in the room ran out holding their ears!

Instead of 'try a different channel' it would be better to have the receiver scan all available channels and pick the one with the least amount of interference. Then all you have to do is set the receivers to that channel. Even better, the receivers would automatically change to the channel of the transmitter.
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  • Hello Kirk,

    Thanks for posting! I'll definitely forward this to my Alto Pro team as a future feature request. Not a bad idea at all.. For future reference, here's some useful information below to help you out.

    First, ensure that both the transmitter and the receiver are getting power. Check the power LEDs and make sure that the power adapter is connected correctly. Next, ensure that both the transmitter and the receiver are set to the same channel. Also, make sure that the volume controls on your mixer and your speakers are turned up at a low level to eliminate a clipping and loud sound.

    Make sure that there are no objects (computers, walls, pipes, etc.) between the transmitter and the receivers. Also, make sure that both the transmitter and the receiver are set to the same channel.

    If you are still getting a poor signal, be sure that the receiver antennas are not touching each other and that there are at least 10 feet of separation between the transmitter and the receivers. Make sure that no other devices are sending a signal on the same channel and any other audio cables are away from the antennas. Try changing the channel that the transmitter and the receiver are on (to the same alternate channel). You can also adjust the squelch control setting. The squelch control setting provides better protection against interference but may also reduce signal range, so keep that in mind as you are adjusting it.
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