Alto BLACK 12 Volume Issue


I just recently purchased 2 Black 12's (brand new). One of the speakers is perfect, while the 2nd one seems to have a muffled sound. It doesn't sound bad, but when I pan left to right on my mixer, one of the speakers sounds significantly crisper than the other. I already made sure that the volumes on both are set the same (0db), the same EQ is set on both the speakers, same settings all across the board. In the app for the speakers, it shows that one of the speakers is a couple db's lower constantly. I even wired everything through an external EQ but one of the speakers is still bad. Anyone have this issue, or is this something that I am going to have to send for a warranty repair? I wasn't sure if there is a way to reset all the settings back to factory on the speaker in case something was done improperly via the app. Thank you.
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