Alto cover fits too tight and l leaves white "scuff"marks on my TS215

I bought an Altoprofessional cover for my TS215 but I could barely pull it on even though it's supposed to "slip on easily." Then when I removed it there were numerous white scuffs on the TS215. These scuffs were easily removed with a wet paper towel but I don't lik the idea of having to clean the TS215 whenever I remove the "protective" cover. Any thoughts/suggestions?
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  • Here's a photo showing these "scuffs" which resulted solely from putting on and then removing the Alto covers. A wet paper towel removes the scuffs but then leaves fiber residue on the cabinet because of the gritty texture of the TS215. What I'm looking for is a way to make the cabinet less prone to surface scuffing. And also a way to clean the cabinets from scuffing.
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