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I have 2 Alto Link splitter/mixers, 1 early version and 1 later version. I want to use them as splitters to drive amps. I have vintage pro gear, some amps are balanced inputs, some unbalanced. Does anyone know if the outputs on the Alto Link are "isolated", if I run some outputs to unbalanced will it unbalance all the outputs or is each output on the Alto Link "isolated" so it won't effect any other output? Also, are the 1/4" outputs the same as the xlr. I was reading the manual of another manufacturers splitter/mixer and it warned that the xlr outputs were isolated but not the 1/4" outputs and running from 1/4" to unbalanced would unbalance all the outputs. Since the buyout, "Alto" doesn't even have any employees around that remember the Alto Link so anyone that can help answer this question would be appreciated. Thanks
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  • Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for posting.  We value you as a passionate and loyal customer.  Your product is one of our discontinued Legacy products.  Please check online with third party forums, third party websites or you can contact our tech support team regarding your Legacy product for assistance.  Please keep in mind, support for Legacy products is limited as we mainly support our current in-line products.  

    Numark Industries World Headquarters (United States Office)
    Support Contact: 401.658.3131

    Numark UK LTD (United Kingdom Office)
    Support Contact: +44 1252 896040

    InMusic GmbH (Germany Office)
    Support Contact: +49 2154-81299-20/-25

    Numark Japan Corporation (Japan Office)
    Support Contact: +81-3-6277-2231
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