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Alto trouper bluetooth pairing, lost

I have two Alto trouper. I have problems on bluetooth noise pairing with one + volume reduction (losing hight frequencies) pairing two alto trouper by bluetooth. Please help me. I'll be on stage next Saturday! !!!
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  • Hi Francesco,

    Thanks for posting. 

    Just to make sure that I'm understanding your inquiry properly, are you unable to pair and link your Troupers together via Bluetooth?

    For Wireless Linking:
    1.  First, follow these steps here to Pair a single Trouper to your Bluetooth device.  This will set that first speaker as the "Master" and once the second speaker is linked, the second speaker will become the "Slave".  The Bluetooth device will send the signal to the Master loudspeaker, which will then relay the signal to the Slave loudspeaker. 

    2. To link a second Alto Pro Trouper loudspeaker wirelessly, follow the steps suggested below:
      1. Make sure no audio is playing from your Bluetooth device. If it is, pause/stop playback and wait 5 seconds.

      2. Press and release the Stereo Link button on each loudspeaker.

      3. Both loudspeakers' LEDs will flash while "searching" for each other, and you will hear atone sequence from both loudspeakers. (This process may take up to 60 seconds.  However, the very first time you link the loudspeakers, the process may take up to 3 minutes.)

      4. When they are successfully linked, you will hear a final "confirmation tone" from both loudspeakers and the Stereo Link LEDs on both loudspeakers will light continuously.

        Note: The stereo signal will be split between the two loudspeakers: the master loudspeaker will play the left channel; the slave loudspeaker will play the right channel.

        Tip: When using two loudspeakers, we recommend labeling the master loudspeaker so you can distinguish between the two in future setups.

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