Alto TX15 correct setup via controller & external mixer

Can someone tell me correct position of gain on speaker vol. I’m using a Hercules RMX controller & a Gemini mixer. Now I have had conflicting advice on how to do this but it doesn’t seem to be right as it flips red when I use my mic. My settings are that the speaker gain vol is at 12 o’clock, channel vol on mixer almost full, master gain on mixer at about 2 o’clock. My controller master gain is full, channel vol sliders about 75%. I don’t have an l.e.d. display on mixer to determine 0db, please help as I really don’t want to ruin these speakers
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  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for posting. 

    I wouldn't recommend having your speakers set to 12 o'clock, especially with your mixer's volume set that high, as you could risk damaging the speakers. Instead, I would suggest setting your speakers around 10 o'clock. Check out this helpful article on how to properly gainstage your setup - Gain Staging 101 - How to get a clean loud signal
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