Alto TX208 - Unbalanced signal Input query

Hi there,

I have very recently purchased a single Alto TX208 Active speaker along with a Numark NDX500 CDJ player (also part of your group of companies) to provide portable PA in small venues along with other sources such as my phone, tablet etc. I want to avoid having to carry more equipment like a mixer etc. Lead distances will be kept short so I don’t need a balanced signal for that either.

As you are aware, the NDX500 provides 2 channel stereo unbalanced output via 2 x RCA phono sockets and the TX208 provides a single balanced input via 1 x XLR socket. So I will get a proprietary phono or mini jack to XLR adaptor to feed the speaker, such as a:

Neutrik NA2 MPMF or a HOSA GXM - 133 (both are RCA Female socket to 3 pin Male XLR plugs) or a
RODE VXLR adaptor (Stereo mini jack socket to 3 pin Male XLR plug)
Neutrik specify their adaptor is wired according to IEC 268-12,
All the above specify Pin 2 is Signal, Pin 1 & Pin 3 is Ground

In the meantime, am I ok to use the following combination of adaptors etc that I have to hand?

i. 2 x RCA Phono (F) sockets - 2 channel (L&R) Unbalanced stereo - Output from CDJ player
ii. 2 x RCA Phono (M) plugs to 3.5mm stereo mini jack plug (M) - Y connector cable
iii 1 x 3.5mm stereo mini jack socket (F) to 1⁄4” mono / TS jack plug - Adaptor
iv. 1 x 1⁄4” TRS Bal. jack socket (F) to XLR 3 pin Bal. plug (M) short cable connector - Adaptor
v. 1 x XLR 3 pin Balanced socket (F) - Input to Alto TX208 Speaker

I have tested all lead connections and up to iii. the signal will be 2 channel (L&R) unbalanced but will have the 2 x signal +VE ‘s combined along with the 2 x screen –VE ‘s combined to the T and the S respectively at the mono adaptor.

Therefore, when connected at the iv. socket, these signals are then distributed to the XLR plug pins as follows:-

Pin 1 -VE
Pin 2 +VE
Pin 3 -VE

By my reckoning, this is the same as the proprietary adaptors as listed above.

I don’t want to do any damage to the speaker so can you confirm that this arrangement is acceptable and is appropriate for the speaker please?

Many Thanks
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