Alto zmx122fx mixer output question

Hi I have used the Alto ZMX 122fx with a pair of DBX Opera active speakers for almost a year without any issues. Recently a tweeter then a woofer was blown during gigs. The repair technician believes that there is something wrong with my set up that is causing the damage to both the tweeter and then a few weeks later the woofer in one of the 2 Opera enclosue/cabs. I never have the master volume above half way on the mixer and no clipping . It's line level out on the mixer to line level in on the Opera active speakers. My thoughts are also ..should there have been anything that caused a spike from the mixer to the speaker then the Opera would have protection circuitry (I'm assuming this). My question is - have I missed anything in my assumption that it can't be anything to do with the mixer output ? Thanks for your thoughts/comments ...cheers Gordon
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  • Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for posting. 

    This is pretty interesting, and I don't believe that anything with the mixer could've caused your speakers to go out the way that they did; especially since you'd said that the master volume is never above the halfway point and there is not clipping. 

    Have you ruled out that there are no faulty cables or other peripherals being used in your setup? Have you used a multimeter to test your wall outlets to ensure they're functioning properly? Have you talked with the manufacturer of the speakers as well to determine that they are being used and setup properly?
    • Hi Bill, thanks for the reply. Yes checked cables are sound. I haven't checked the wall socket at the venue I gigged at so far but I believe that it's ok - my guitar processor was on the same extension cable plugged into that wall socket and it's fine . The only equipment going into the channels on the mixer are 1x mic, 1 x guitar processor (line input), 1 x ipad for backing tracks. No clipping on channels or output. The Master Volume on the mixer range is 0 - 10 db. As I mentioned the master is half way up. We use either the monitor out to the stage monitor or sometimes control room out (if we want the same mix as FOH) on stage. The Master outs left and right go straight to the Active FOH Opera Speakers . We have gigged this since getting our Alto mixer last Spring with no issues until recently so I don't believe that it's anything to do with our mixer. Just thought to ask in case I'm missing something. Re checking with the manufacturer - I did this upfront but they sent me to their repair centre which is not far from where I live. The speaker should be returned fixed this weekend . It was just that the repair centre questioned our (duo ) set up, implying that something external to the active speaker can had caused the damage. As far as I'm concerned the output of the Alto Mixer is line level which matches the input on the speaker cabs. Nothing is set on the mixer that would suggest the speaker has been send too high a signal/voltage to deal with. Only one of the 2 speaker cabs had the tweeter then it's woofer blown. I can't remember if It was the left or right cab . One question that I do have that you could hopefully help with is with regards to the Master Volume on the mixer. It's range is 0 - 10db. I have it half way which is good for the small venues I gig at. What is the recommended level for the master volume ? In summary, I doubt very much if it's the mixer but just thought I'd get some additional thoughts on this. Thanks Bill ...cheers Gordon
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