Can't find your 15" TSubs in stock anywhere in the US? or your Black Sub 15s?

I am in a band that has all Alto Equipment... a 12 and a 16 channel board, 5 TX10's, and 2 Black 10's...we like Alto very much but we need to buy 15" Subs now and I cannot find one in stock anywhere in your dealer network or on line. I talked to your support line today and they offered no information about how to get your products or when new ones will be released or available. They kept saying talk to your dealers... but the dealers have no information either! We want to be an All-Alto band but wee need subs now.... can you offer any information on how to buy your product instead of "talk to a dealer"? Since you have not shared any info with them either..? I don't want to buy from another company but we will have to if we don't receive any guidance or info from you. Signed, discouraged and frustrated Jim
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