Connecting 4x TS 215 with 2x TS 218 sub HELP!

Hello i have two of SUB 18 and 4x TS 215. I think the best configuration is to connect 2x ts215 (left) by a bridge XLR cable and others 2x TS 215 (right) with another XLR as a bridge. Then connect left on out sub left and right to the out sub right. It is correct configuration? (sorry for my english, i'm italian...) : Enrico
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  • Hi.

    I wouldn't do it like that (I also have two subs. and ended up with "muddy" bass but, as explained on another thread, not a shortcoming of the Alto's).

    My suggestion (and my setup):

    Out from mixer (L+R) into first sub. Out from first sub. (L+R) into second sub. Then daisy chain the speakers (L+R) via "Mix Out". All you have to ensure is that on the first sub. you have enabled or depressed the "Output Full-Range" button (high-pass filter bypass).

    I hope the above makes sense. If not: lemme know and I'll draw a diagram for you.

    Note: this is personal taste i.e. I'm reducing bass / low frequencies to mono with this setup. But it gives a whole lot more "punch" to the bass and there's no "mud".


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